Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

Dipping Strawberries
I did some research online to see how others were doing their chocolate covered strawberries and I noticed a few things. Many people are using chocolate from the supermarket. I recommend if you want the professional look, use a high grade compound coating. You can find them in cake and candy making stores that sell supplies or on my website. Not the ones sold at craft stores. The compound coatings will melt  much better and will have a high gloss when cooled. Buy two different flavors. One for dipping and one for decorating. In this recipe I will be dipping with Milk coating and drizzling with White coatings. I think one of the reasons dipped strawberries are so special, aside from they taste wonderful, is they are very perishable. I do not recommend storing them in the frig, they turn to mush. I make them one hour before I will be using them, on longer.

Here are the 8 steps for perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

1. Buy fresh strawberries. They should be firm and bright red.
2. Rinse the strawberries and pat completely dry with a paper towel.
3. Melt the chocolate coatings in the microwave on 50% power until creamy.
Easy so far.....
4. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.
5. Holding the strawberry by the leafs, dip the strawberry into the milk chocolate coatings, let some of the chocolate coatings drip back into the bowl. Set on the cookie sheet and repeat until you have the desired amount.
6. Cool in the frig 15 minutes.
7. Dip a fork into the melted white chocolate coatings and using a back and fourth motion drizzle the white chocolate coatings onto the dipped strawberries.
8. I like to set them in a paper cup and serve on a pretty plate.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
This recipe is my book Chocolates By Imagination Spring and Summer. http://www.chocolatesbyimagination.com/


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