Friday, January 10, 2014

Left over Christmas chocolate, what to do? Part Three

After inquiring about this Christmas chocolate dilemma, my good friend Sharon and a few others recommended the following.
For people with control (that's not me). Keep the chocolates in a hiding place in the refrigerator or freezer and take one out at a time to enjoy.
For people without control (me). Take them to work or class and put them in the break room for everyone to share. Find a church or school that may need some treats. They should be unopened.
Share them with a friend or neighbor that maybe was not as blessed as you by the chocolate fairy.

Just so you know, I very much appreciate all the input I received on this subject, but I do not recommend putting chocolate in the frig or freezer, ever! Chocolates are tropical treats that like to be cool not cold. If you do chill your chocolates I still love you, just remember when they come out to room temperature they are going to sweat and be a little sticky. They may even bloom (turn streaky white).

Let me know how it works out,
Enjoy, Sonia

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